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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m registered for your Illinois Concealed Carry class, what do I need to bring on my 1st Day of Class?  A firearm?  A holster?

A: Our Illinois Concealed Carry Class is taught in “Modules.”  We deliver the information in progressions so you learn step by step starting with what should be 1st to everyone – the Law. For the 1st Day of your training at ICCTA, please bring copy of your driver’s license or state ID, and your "F.O.I.D. (Firearm Owners Identification Card)” card.  If you would like to bring your firearm, it must be UNLOADED & LOCKED IN A CASE, DO NOT BRING ANY LIVE AMMUNITION TO THE CLASSROOM!   We also recommend a holster; please bring that the 1st Day if you have one.  If you don’t, we can review your firearm and recommend a holster that is safe and secure.


Q: I was told to bring a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition to Module #4.  The ISP states only 30 rounds.  What is the difference?

A: The minimum requirement by the Illinois State Police is 30 rounds of live fire at a range.  At ICCTA, we allow our students to have extra “range” time prior to testing.  We shoot 20 rounds of practice fire, and then we live test the remaining 30 rounds.  We want to make sure we set our students up for success.


Q: Why are your courses more expensive than other courses I have found online?

A: Our Experience. Our Instructors have over 125 years of combined experience in law enforcement, military and security protection.  We are full time professional instructors; not part time instructors. We train area tactical units and swat teams; we train police departments as well as civilians. Your safety and security should be left in the hands of professionals. You – and your family deserve this.


Q: What are the qualifications to attend the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit course?

A: To attend this course, you must be: At least 21 years of age; Possess a valid Firearms Owners Identification Card (FOID); Possess a valid Illinois State ID or Driver’s License; Not be prohibited by State or Federal law from legally possessing a firearm; Physically capable of safely and effectively operating a firearm; Registered through the online system prior to class.


Q: What should I bring with me for Module #1?

A: For Module #1, you should bring your State ID or Driver’s License, your valid FOID Card, and Resident Alien Card (If applicable).  Also, please bring something to write with and something to right on.


Q: What about the other Modules?

A: Always bring something to takes notes with, as well as a list of questions you may have from previous Modules.  Again, bringing in your unloaded firearm and your holster prior to Module #4 is a good idea.  We want to make sure that you will be able to effectively draw from your holster.


Q: How should I transport my firearm?

A: Students are to bring their firearm to class UNLOADED AND LOCKED IN A CASE. Ensure that you have your valid "Firearm Owner Identification Card" in your possession. No live ammunition is allowed in the classroom. Double-check and ensure that your firearm is unloaded and secure prior to transporting it.


Q:  Are there any other costs for your Program?

A: For the Illinois Concealed Carry Class, there is a $30 Range Fee for Module #4.  If you choose to get a CCW permit from FL, UT , AZ... there is a  $30 fee for processing your fingerprint card.  You also have the option of choosing us to process your IL CCW fingerprint card for $30.00.  Should you need to rent a firearm for qualifying in Module #4, ICCTA has firearms available for a rental fee of $50.00.



Q: I know your Instructors are all highly trained and skilled.  That’s intimidating to me.  Will I be able to understand them and will they be patient with me?

A: Absolutely. We completely understand your concern, and we pride ourselves in being able to treat and educate everyone equally regardless of experience and/or ability.  Because we also train civilians regularly, we have a keen understanding for how to best deliver the information to them.


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