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Greg Muntean


Greg Muntean has over 30 years of Law Enforcement and Security experience. He recently “retired” as Captain of his Police Department; however, he continues to be his departments Range Officer instructing Law Enforcement on weapons training. As the Director of the Special Operations Team (SWAT) with ISPSS, Greg has been involved with ensuring operational security in both the public and the private sector. He also operates a security license with the Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulation and is a registered firearms instructor for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun.  Honored by the Illinois State Police with the Anthony Millison Leadership Award, Greg has both the tactical experience and the leadership ability to train ICCTA students to be successful and responsible – In Defense of Life.


Gregory Muntean's Instructor Experience:

• llinois State Certified Police Officer (Active)

• Department of Homeland Security (Active)

• Illinois State Certified IDFPR Firearms Instructor #263.000292

• Illinois State Certified IDFPR Licensed Private Security Contractor #119.000958

• NRA Law Enforcement Certified Firearms Instructor

• Illinois State Certified Conceal & Carry Instructor #CCT13A526

• Active Police Range & Firearms Instructor

• Illinois State Certified Rifle/Carbine Instructor

• Illinois State Vendor Trained Live Scan Fingerprint

• Illinois State Certified Rapid Deployment Instructor

• H&K Heckler & Koch Armorers (USP) Certified

• United States Department of Justice Certified WMD Incident Comp.

• Certified Instructor Advanced Tactical Sniper

• State of Utah Certified Firearms Instructor Conceal & Carry #I104375


Memberships / Organizations:

• (ITOA)     Illinois Tactical Officers Association

• (ILACP)   Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

• (IALEFI)   International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors

• (NRA)      National Rile Association - Life Member

• (IPA)        Illinois Police Association

• (ILEETA) International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association

• (FOP)      Fraternal Order of Police


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Bernard S. Hogancamp


Bernard Hogancamp is a decorated Law Enforcement officer with the knowledge to lead you successfully through any of the programs offered at ICCTA.


Bernie has served faithfully as a patrol officer, a tactical officer, a field training officer, a detective, corporal, sergeant, patrol watch commander, tactical units commander, training coordinator and more. His experience offers great depth of knowledge. He is currently an active police officer in the suburbs where he also serves as an Instructor. He has been awarded the following Special Recognitions / Awards:

Warren Award and Academic Award recipient – Police Training Institute, Officer of the Year – Chamber of Commerce, Investigator of the Year – Int’l Assoc. of Financial Crimes Investigators (Midwest Region), Meritorious Service Award – Cook County Sheriff’s Police, Commissioner’s Award – Cook County Commissioner’s Office, Recognition Award – South Suburban Chiefs/South Suburban Mayors and Managers, Executive Board Member (President) – International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA), Executive Board Member – Law Enforcement Technology Committee, Governor’s State University, Commander Award of Excellence – South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT).


His Instructor Training / Certifications include:
Asp / Impact Weapons Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Rapid Deployment Instructor, IPMBA Police Cyclist Instructor, Tactical Groundfighting Instructor, AIS PRISim Simulator Master Instructor, Traffic Stops Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Expandable Baton Master Instructor, Krav Maga Instructor, SABRE O.C. Instructor, Simunitions Instructor certification, ALiCE certified instructor.


Bernie is also an adjunct instructor at Northwestern College - Institute for Legal Studies Department (on campus and online programs). A member of the North East Multi Regional Training (N.E.M.R.T.) he also holds:


IPMBA Police Cyclist Certification, Police Mountain Bike Repair, Defensive Tactics & Ground-fighting, PowerPoint for Police, Advanced PowerPoint, PriSim Force Simulator Instructor, Ballistic Shield for Patrol, Ballistic Shield Instructor, Report Writing for Police, Reporting Use of Force Incidents, Investigating Serious Force Incidents, Officer Force and Survival Mindset, Force Reporting and Review, Modern Warrior Expandable Baton, Modern Warrior Defensive Tactics Instructor, Psychology and Tactics of Violent Encounter.


Personal Affiliations:

• International Police Mountain Bike Assoc. (IPMBA) Conference presenter

     - Executive Board Member – President

• International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Assoc. (ILEETA) Conference Presenter

• Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) - Expo Conference presenter

• Illinois Tactical Officers Assoc. (ITOA) Conference AV Coordinator


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